Tips On Buying The Perfect Pair Of Shoes

Are you planning on a shoe shopping trip for sometime soon? Do you want to find the perfect pair of shoes and come home feeling victorious? If so, the below tips and suggestions are exclusively for you…!

Think of the occasion – before buying any pair of shoe, it’s important that you consider the occasion or occasions you plan on wearing them to. The comfort level of it, the style of it, the color of it, the brand of it…it all depends on this.

Think of the hours you’d be wearing it – are these shoes for daily wear? For work wear or for home wear? Are they your “going to the supermarket” shoes or your “going out for a date” shoes? If you are buying this pair having the plan of wearing it to work, then what you should have is comfort primarily, stylishness, and the ability to work with plenty of outfits. Go for neutral colors or blacks and greys. Your decision to buy Gucci shoes or to buy a expensive brand shoes also depends on this.

What comes first; comfort or style? – to each it’s their personal opinion. For most parts, the opinions are fairly divided equally. Someone looking for comfort over style (like for home wear) might prefer to not to buy Salvatore Ferragamo shoes; simply because it’s too fancy for them. Deciding what is your priority makes shoe shopping much easier.  

Always know your shoe size; take a converter with you – knowing your shoe sizes will not only help you buy the perfect pair of shoes for you; it will also make the experience painless and fast. If you are planning on travelling overseas, and are hoping to buy shoes in your travel, don’t forget to know the converted shoe sizes according to the countries you plan on visiting…!

Don’t hesitate to give it a “test run” – it’s not only for vehicles! Before you buy your shoes, make sure you try it on to see if it fits well. Walk around with it to feel how it moves with your feet. People often can figure out at this moment if a shoe is well balanced and comfortable to walk on. This is especially true with wedge heels and stilettos.

Space and irritations – when trying on the shoes, don’t forget to pay attention to the sides as well as where the fastening is. Often, shoes might fit your feet’s length perfectly, but may have issue with its width. Like wise, stitches or extra fabric popping out inside the shoes to could prove to be an irritation in the long run; often cutting into you toes and your soles.



Writen by Erin Bernacchi