Outfit Do\’s And Don\’ts

Matching the right outfit with right colours and in the right manner is important to look in align with the situation or event you are in. Going all out and dressing overboard to any event shall only make you stick out like a sore thumb. Matching it to the event, it’s theme and colour combination shall help overcome wardrobe mismatch and malfunction that may occur. Here are a couple of do’s and don’ts when it comes to selecting and matching the right outfits;

Need not be prim and proper

Being prim and proper and making everything look too neat and tidy shall only make things look uncomfortable, intimidating and artificial to another that has to endure your presence. True back in the old days it was all about being prim and proper but with the changing styles and modern world this has only turned out to be more of a myth. A little mess whether it is your hair style or a couple of unbuttoned buttons certainly is considered to be more of a style in the modern world. It makes one look more approachable and comfortable to talk to and certainly doesn’t give out the trying-too hard vibe. So next time you decide to wear a tunic dress out, don’t think twice on trying that messy bun look you’ve always wanted to rock!


Accessorizing any outfit whether it be flowing womens kaftans or even a denim and tee, shall help things look more brighter and better. It also helps to make your outfits better and enhances the look you are going for. It is also the secret to make things seem new and refreshed. This means that even if you’re pairing ripped jeans with a top or even if you are combining the same top with a different bottom like a flowy skirt or so, changing the accessories you combine for these outfits shall help a lot to make them seem like a completely new outfit that you’ve never worn before! Click here for more info on womens kaftans Australia.

Don’t go overboard

While it is great to accessorize and mix and match, you’ve got to keep it simple too without making it look like you are trying too hard and going overboard. You might get excited to try every single thing in your wardrobe all at once, but don’t forget that it might make you seem as though a walking barfed up wardrobe malfunction! So keeping it simple is the trick, not only will it help overcome any malfunction it shall also help in making things look chic and classy!

Details and prints

When it comes to outfits, details are everything and this is where the right accessorizing shall help. Matching the right prints too may help achieve the look you are going for. Don’t try matching prints with prints that is a serious don’t in fashion! But you could use the print as a base to match the rest of your outfit with the matching colours of the print.Keeping things simple shall make them look more sophisticated and chic so don’t worry if you are not working with everything you’ve got in your wardrobe because trust me when I say the simpler the better but then again you’ve got to match this theory according to the event too!

Writen by Erin Bernacchi