How To Select Comfortable Maternity Clothes?

So that now you are expecting, your body will go through many changes, and the biggest part of it will be putting on weight. This will make all the clothes you are wearing now, snug around your expanding belly, breasts and lower body. You will come to a point where you decide that you need a wardrobe overhaul. When you think of maternity clothes, you may shudder with horror, thinking of all those shapeless dresses, and ruched tops. More than anything, when selecting clothes, to dress your baby bump, priority should be put on comfort than in fashion. Choosing the right maternity clothes are important. There is no proper time to buy maternity clothing. Many women do not start to show until their second trimester. Therefore the perfect time to, shop for maternity clothes will be around this time. Many maternity clothes are sized according to pre-pregnancy sizes. If you are in doubt about which size to buy, the best thing you can do is to buy a bigger size, as you will soon grow into it. Tights clothes can be irritating to your growing bump, especially for first time mothers; therefore it is wise to avoid clothes that are tights around the waist. Bottoms with draw strings will be more comfortable than ones with elastic bands. When you decide to buy maternity pants, you have to consider that your baby is still growing so buying pants that offer flexibility in the waist, and stomach are important.

The waistband could either fit under the belly, or over the bump. Under the belly waistbands is a style that is most common in maternity jeans, and are most comfortable for mums to be with a sensitive belly. With pants like longer maternity tops should be worn.Picking the fabric too is an important part of selecting a maternity wardrobe. Fabrics like Lycra, and jersey cotton, are the perfect choice as they are stretchable, and will fit you even after you have given birth. Ideally clothing should be soft, breathable and non-irritating. Synthetic fabrics should be avoided altogether, as they can be extremely uncomfortable, in warmer conditions. A maternity bra too is an essential part of a wardrobe of a mum-to-be. Nursing bras can be easily undone, in order to nurse your baby. See this page for more maternity tops to choose.

A good supportive bra will also keep stretch marks to a minimum, while offering adequate support to your growing breasts. Investing in good Maternity Nightwear too is a must, as your night gowns will not fit you anymore. Maternity nightgowns are so comfortable that you may find yourself splurging on more than one night gown. Comfortable sleep is essential, during pregnancy, therefore investing in good maternity sleepwear is necessary. You should also not overlook maternity footwear. A pair of flat sandals will be perfectly comfortable for your swollen feet.The changes that your body goes through, during pregnancy can make you feel exhausted. Therefore investing in quality maternity wear that offers support and are comfortable should be a priority. Just because you are wearing these clothes for a short period of time should not deter you from spending money on them. You have a right to look and feel good, while you get ready to birth new life into the world.

Writen by Erin Bernacchi