How To Organize Your Wardrobe

Wardrobes can be one of the hardest places to keep neat and tidy since you use it often. You’d pull one clothe out, if it doesn’t match you shove it back in and then you pull out another piece of clothing and the process repeats. So of course your wardrobe will look like a mess at the end of the day and with all your work, you’d not have time to spare to clean it up. So why not organize it once and for all and practice a few habits to keep it neat? So here is a three step easy process for you.

1. Reducing your wardrobe

First of all, you need to clean it up. Pull out all your clothes, lay them on the bed and pick out the ones you actually wear. You might have your favourite pink sweater that you wore a few years back, but well if you’ve overgrown now, there is no point keeping it. Likewise, select the ones you don’t wear and separate them into piles as what you need to throw and what you can donate. If you have damaged clothes with irreparable stains and tears, do not donate them. The charity will obviously throw them away. If there are clothes that are worth mending, do see a tailor. Next is storing away the seasonal clothing and special clothes such as costumes, designer dresses and sarees that you’d only wear for a wedding etc. Out of the clothes that you kept for use, make sure they are washed and ironed since you cannot start organizing your wardrobe with dirty clothes.2. Making your wardrobe look neat

Now that you’ve chosen out your clothes, you can separate them according to different types; shirts, pants, jackets, dresses etc. and place them in separate sections in your wardrobe so that they are easy to locate. Within each section, you can further categorize. For example, according to colours, sleeve length of shirts, dress lengths etc. Use vertical space if you have limited wardrobe space. There could be ample room below and above your clothing racks so you could use it to store folded items such as sweaters, undergarments, scarves and even shoes or jewellery. Make use of organizational tools like hooks, dividers, or small boxes so that you could easily store small items such as jewellery.

3. Storing your clothing

Clothes need to be stored properly, if not they could lose its shape and wrinkle or crease it. You can hang up light weight clothing such as blouses, tops and light weight dresses. Long and heavy maxi dresses usually have very thin straps that are easily stretched so fold them along with pants, jeans, sweaters and jackets. Store small items such as undergarments and socks in drawers for easy access.

It’s no use if you organize your wardrobe today and in a week it’s a mess all over again. So take up a habit of placing clothes where they belong and also cleaning your wardrobe once a week.

Writen by Erin Bernacchi