How To Look Gorgeous In Pics

Capturing a good selfie or a photo in general, is quite the hard task really! Especially with all the posing and angling, it is exhausting. After all that trouble imagine if your face were to look like it was caked on with powder and makeup! And so, that is why you need to first make sure that before you take that first step to capture selfies in a bathroom with amazing lighting, that your make up is perfect or at least it doesn’t look caked on. Here are some tips to help you out.

Doing the eyes first

Eye makeup done in a cool way is sure to stand out from amongst everything that you have going on. Get out your mascara wands to coat those false eyelashes online, your liquid liner to draw that perfect winged eye liner and the shadow brush to coat your eye lids with. Doing this first is essential because there might be little residue of liner and mascara that could coat your face. And instead struggling to wipe them off and avoiding them from turning in to tiger tear streaks, you could use concealer and foundation to cover them up once and for all without any hassle. However, do remember that going overboard is a definite no, no.

The lining

When highlighting your eye with liner, do make sure that you use the pencil to coat the inner upper lids with the waterproof kind for a better pop up of your brown or blue irises. It is also perfect to emphasize the shape of your eye. Your eye is the perfect beauty that stands out on your face, so highlighting that liner would bring in added beauty to the overall look you are going for. And no matter what tape hair extensions or wigs you wear, the first thing that any person would notice is generally your eyes. So do your makeup right, while holding back on going overboard with it.

Coating on the mascara

Mascara really brings out the beauty of your eyes. So if you generally have short lashes or light colored lashes, coat your eyes with lots of mascara. Wearing a lot of it could also make your eyes pop and more open. The trick to getting it right when it comes to coating is, by blinking down and coating the lashes from the root to the tip. This way you would be getting in enough at the right places.

The right shade of foundation

Choose the right foundation based on the shade of your skin tone. This way you wouldn’t be looking too fair nor too dark, in the pictures.

Follow the above and make sure you look flawless in any selfie you take!

Writen by Erin Bernacchi