Celebrating Your Child Committing To Your Religion

In Christianity, one of the biggest events of your child’s life is the day that she confirms herself in to her religion. Although most young children are baptized at birth when their parents take on the role of speaking for their children in making them Christians and committing them to the Christian God that they believe in, at confirmation, the child herself will confirm what her parents said by committing herself in to the religion. This is a very big event in every Christian’s life and is one of the most important sacraments. Each Christian goes through seven sacraments in their life, the first being baptism, at birth and then, with time, they will receive the other six sacraments. After a child has been confirmed, usually at the age of fourteen or fifteen, they are then considered and treated as an adult within the church and no longer as a child. A person is free to receive confirmation at any age and usually, they are free to choose when they are ready to receive this sacrament because it is different for each person when they are ready to confirm.

Preparing yourself for your commitment ceremony

There are many ways in which you can prepare for your confirmation. Everyone has their own ways of preparing and you will have to choose your own. Keep in mind that as a Catholic, you will now be entering in to a brand new life and therefore, you will have to find ways of getting ready for it. Of course, meanwhile, you can also have a little fun by going with your parents to go look for confirmation dresses, one of the more exciting parts of preparing for your confirmation. It is a big event in your life and therefore, it is an event that calls for a celebration because to a Christian, it is akin to being born again.

Many your lady’s choose to wear white lace dresses that are modest and still very beautiful. The dress can be a casual summer dress type dress and does not have to be extremely dressy or elegant because a confirmation is a religious event. One great way to prepare for your confirmation would be to take on a charity or awareness project in order to help make the world a better place. You can choose a charity, whether it is orphaned children or whether it is an animal charity and choose to do your part to help them. In fact, you can continue this work even after the confirmation.

Writen by Erin Bernacchi