Being A Clothes Designer

A clothes designer is someone who designs clothing, like every kind of designer, the work load is usually pretty heavy. There are many duties and responsibilities of a clothes designer, a clothes designer is responsible for developing concepts they are going to produce, the fact that they are designers means that they will think of ways to produce the different kinds of clothing, the clothes designer should then proceed to put whatever thoughts they have on paper, they should make sketches on paper or by using a computer.

They should then edit these sketches to develop the clothing that they want to create. The clothes designer is also responsible for developing the patter that are to be used to produce the outfit, they would also be responsible for overseeing production to ensure that things go as planned . In order to be productive a clothes designer should ensure that they keep up to date with the latest trends in patters, shape,style as well as colour. There are certain qualities that a clothes designer should have, they should be creative like any other designer this allows them to produce the clothing they produce .

They should also have the ability to visualize things, that is seeing suspenders for sale exactly how the clothes will look when it is finished. People who become clothes designer should be prepared to work for long hours and should think about the consequences before they actually start the process of being one. To be a clothes designer a person should first get an education/ certification that will make them be a certified professional clothes designer, many clothes designer chooses a school that specializes in fashion and art, that way they will have a higher chance of developing their skills also people who attend that particular school will have a better chance of getting a job when they are through.

This is because employers who requires a clothes designer likes to hire people who went to fashion/art school, as they are a better fit for the job, most clothing/fashion courses usually last from 2 years up to four years, therefore individuals should decide the type of certification the want.  To gain experience as a clothes designer, people should try to get an internship opportunity, this gives them a chance to work in the industry they are pursuing a career in. Internship also helps people to develop their skills as skills usually improves with experience.

Another advantage of gaining an internship opportunity is that it helps the student to get a job at a faster rate with designer cufflinks in Australia, this is because the student would have gotten the experience needed, employers prefer to hire designers with experience in the field after that process is completed the clothe designer will then proceed to develop a clothes portfolio, the port folio will then be used as an influence to get a job when they attend the interview for a clothes designer. The salaries for clothes designers is a very competitive one and people have to wear clothes hence it is a good career path.

Ease Of Getting Bespoke Clothing Online

Are you tired of seeing the same styles and designs for everyone these days? When there is a new fashion trend or design, whether it relates to men or women’s clothing, many apparel brands make them available all over the world. As a result, chances are high that a dress you picked up among the latest collections at a designer store might be flaunted by the person standing next to you in a mall. If you wish to get out of the mass marketed apparel styles and try something unique, find a bespoke service online.

What is on offer online

If you thought that you could not get a tailor made suit Bangkok through an online store, think again. Nowadays every kind of product and service is being made available through online portals, with advances in technology and logistics services. Hence, all you need to do is being ready to splurge a bit more than you would do with ordinary dresses and suits at standard apparel stores. In return you will get different designs, fabrics and cuts that are custom made for you.

Most online tailoring stores have detailed guide to upload personal body measurements. All a customer needs to do is take their body measurements as per the guide suggestions and upload them online. Once the measurements are provided, one can then proceed to choose the fabric, cuts and styles as well as specify sleeve or neck design and other aspects as required.

Tailored clothes through online services

With your measurements and order details completed online, a tailoring service such as the best tailor company will take a week or two to complete your order and dispatch it to your address. If you are in the city, you could step in to order your measurements and pick up the delivery. There are many international tailoring services that ship orders to other countries as well. Hence, you could look up different tailoring brands and stores online, and find their delivery policies. In most cases a national or regional online tailoring service will make it convenient for one to order in dresses and suits and get them delivered to their address.

In case there are alterations required, most services accept returns and will work with customers to get the alterations done as required. If you love the unique designs and styles that a tailoring service offers in your town, simply get yourself their website address and start to order in an exclusive customized piece of clothing at their online store for convenience.

Outfit Do\’s And Don\’ts

Matching the right outfit with right colours and in the right manner is important to look in align with the situation or event you are in. Going all out and dressing overboard to any event shall only make you stick out like a sore thumb. Matching it to the event, it’s theme and colour combination shall help overcome wardrobe mismatch and malfunction that may occur. Here are a couple of do’s and don’ts when it comes to selecting and matching the right outfits;

Need not be prim and proper

Being prim and proper and making everything look too neat and tidy shall only make things look uncomfortable, intimidating and artificial to another that has to endure your presence. True back in the old days it was all about being prim and proper but with the changing styles and modern world this has only turned out to be more of a myth. A little mess whether it is your hair style or a couple of unbuttoned buttons certainly is considered to be more of a style in the modern world. It makes one look more approachable and comfortable to talk to and certainly doesn’t give out the trying-too hard vibe. So next time you decide to wear a tunic dress out, don’t think twice on trying that messy bun look you’ve always wanted to rock!


Accessorizing any outfit whether it be flowing womens kaftans or even a denim and tee, shall help things look more brighter and better. It also helps to make your outfits better and enhances the look you are going for. It is also the secret to make things seem new and refreshed. This means that even if you’re pairing ripped jeans with a top or even if you are combining the same top with a different bottom like a flowy skirt or so, changing the accessories you combine for these outfits shall help a lot to make them seem like a completely new outfit that you’ve never worn before! Click here for more info on womens kaftans Australia.

Don’t go overboard

While it is great to accessorize and mix and match, you’ve got to keep it simple too without making it look like you are trying too hard and going overboard. You might get excited to try every single thing in your wardrobe all at once, but don’t forget that it might make you seem as though a walking barfed up wardrobe malfunction! So keeping it simple is the trick, not only will it help overcome any malfunction it shall also help in making things look chic and classy!

Details and prints

When it comes to outfits, details are everything and this is where the right accessorizing shall help. Matching the right prints too may help achieve the look you are going for. Don’t try matching prints with prints that is a serious don’t in fashion! But you could use the print as a base to match the rest of your outfit with the matching colours of the print.Keeping things simple shall make them look more sophisticated and chic so don’t worry if you are not working with everything you’ve got in your wardrobe because trust me when I say the simpler the better but then again you’ve got to match this theory according to the event too!

How To Organize Your Wardrobe

Wardrobes can be one of the hardest places to keep neat and tidy since you use it often. You’d pull one clothe out, if it doesn’t match you shove it back in and then you pull out another piece of clothing and the process repeats. So of course your wardrobe will look like a mess at the end of the day and with all your work, you’d not have time to spare to clean it up. So why not organize it once and for all and practice a few habits to keep it neat? So here is a three step easy process for you.

1. Reducing your wardrobe

First of all, you need to clean it up. Pull out all your clothes, lay them on the bed and pick out the ones you actually wear. You might have your favourite pink sweater that you wore a few years back, but well if you’ve overgrown now, there is no point keeping it. Likewise, select the ones you don’t wear and separate them into piles as what you need to throw and what you can donate. If you have damaged clothes with irreparable stains and tears, do not donate them. The charity will obviously throw them away. If there are clothes that are worth mending, do see a tailor. Next is storing away the seasonal clothing and special clothes such as costumes, designer dresses and sarees that you’d only wear for a wedding etc. Out of the clothes that you kept for use, make sure they are washed and ironed since you cannot start organizing your wardrobe with dirty clothes.2. Making your wardrobe look neat

Now that you’ve chosen out your clothes, you can separate them according to different types; shirts, pants, jackets, dresses etc. and place them in separate sections in your wardrobe so that they are easy to locate. Within each section, you can further categorize. For example, according to colours, sleeve length of shirts, dress lengths etc. Use vertical space if you have limited wardrobe space. There could be ample room below and above your clothing racks so you could use it to store folded items such as sweaters, undergarments, scarves and even shoes or jewellery. Make use of organizational tools like hooks, dividers, or small boxes so that you could easily store small items such as jewellery.

3. Storing your clothing

Clothes need to be stored properly, if not they could lose its shape and wrinkle or crease it. You can hang up light weight clothing such as blouses, tops and light weight dresses. Long and heavy maxi dresses usually have very thin straps that are easily stretched so fold them along with pants, jeans, sweaters and jackets. Store small items such as undergarments and socks in drawers for easy access.

It’s no use if you organize your wardrobe today and in a week it’s a mess all over again. So take up a habit of placing clothes where they belong and also cleaning your wardrobe once a week.

What Are The Important Things Which We Have To Consider Before Swimming?

Swimming is one of the important physical activities, which is recommended for everyone. The reason for this is that, swimming can be used as self-defense move. It is because, if we stuck under water or sea, then swimming is the only thing which can save our lives. That’s the reason why most of the parents encourage their children to learn swimming. Also, it is important to mention that, everyone cannot swim; we have train ourselves in order swim.

Another important thing is that, for some people swimming is sport and for others it’s an entertainment. The reason for this is that, some people get their selves train under professional swimming coach and they participate in swimming competitions. For them swimming is a sport. There are some other people, who swim in their free times and only for fun. For them swimming is an entertainment. Actually, the swimming can be described as an entertaining sport. 

Generally, when we are planning to go for swimming, we have to make some arrangement which is necessary in swimming. The first thing which we have to do is, we have to pack our bag. In that bag we have arrange all the important swimming clothes and accessories. When we say swimming clothes, there are so many different types of swimming clothes, such as bikini, trunk and cheap swimwear etc. we have to choose the swimwear according to our comfort. Also, in our swimming bag, we have packed the towel and changing clothes etc. these are the mandatory arrangements, because without these clothes and accessories we can’t swim safely.

Another important thing is that, these arrangements can be differ according to their swimming purpose. For example, if a person swimming for competition or race, then they have to do a different type of packing. It is because they have specialized clothes and accessories. For race swimmers, they have specialized racing swim suits, goggles and cap etc. 

Always, it will be best to take a bath before and after swimming. Which can reduces skin problems, because there are so many skin diseases can be spread while swimming. Also there are specialized creams are there which should have to be apply before swimming. By doing this also we can protect our skin.

Moreover, always we have to swim in the public places which are surrounded by some people. It is because; they can help us in any dangerous situation. By following these tips, we can enjoy the swimming without any fear.